Rimauwaf configure

Manual Rimauwaf

1. Login rimauwaf with default password and user "admin"

2.This is main panel view

3. To enable or disable modsec module go to configure and select mode

4. To edit rules select Global Rules on left menu and click rules you want to active  (some rules u can't activate with extra configure) click Check button for make sure configure is ok or not

5. For disable rules by rules id , click Disable Rules left menu , on rules id add id and click add button . now the rules by id is disable by modsec

6. If you want write your's own rules , clieck Costume rules on left menu . Give you rules name and write the rules and click add button

7. For view live log status , click Live log on left menu . it's will show real time log . If you under attack you will show the block log in live status

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